1. Arlene

From the recording More Than Human (2006)

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Walking past a derelict doorway
Something strikes the lens of my eye
The image of a girl in a doorway
If I could shed tears I would cry

With skin as cream-on-creamy as butter
And blood as blue as Ariel’s glove
There’s nothing to be gleaned from this gutter
It’s time to find a new kind of love

Arlene Arlene
Arlene Arlene

Many dark and decadent volumes
Are stacked upon my library shelf
I see your face in many such volumes
I see you with the old man himself

Now I am but a vessel of conscience
At least that’s what the public discerns
You may be two quarts short of a conscience
But you have got a beauty that burns

Arlene Arlene
Arlene...Crazy Arlene

...Let us step through that temporal portal
...Where gravity turns on a dime
...Turn our backs on the world that is mortal
...Break through the shackles of time

...With seven black gems to adorn you
...And nothing but heaven to lose
...This is the life we were born to
...And this is the hell that we choose

Arlene Arlene
Arlene...Crazy Arlene

© 2006 David Cantor/Dashiell Road Music